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Should I hire an eviction attorney

In a perfect world, every tenant you'll ever have will pay their rent on time, take good care of your property, and not engage in illegal activities. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When things go wrong, an eviction attorney can sometimes be a landlord's best friend.

So why use an eviction attorney?

In addition to their law degree, professional eviction attorneys have advantages and resources that most landlords simply don't have.

  1. They know state eviction laws
  2. They do not know your tenants and are not emotionally attached to the situation. Therefore, they can be objective and make sure everyone is treated fairly but firmly.
  3. They can listen to the tenant's reasons for not paying rent and give them impartial legal reasons why their reason is not valid and that eviction will proceed.
  4. Eviction attorneys know the court system, and quite possibly the judges. They've seen many cases through the system and know the correct steps to take and the words to say to make sure the case is awarded in your favor.

But eviction attorney will cost me a lot of money, right?

Bad tenants that don't pay rent can end up costing more than an eviction attorney, in many cases. If your lease has been set up properly, the tenant can be held liable for paying all costs of the eviction; including legal fees. Yet another reason to have an eviction attorney on your side.

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